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Spanish English Translations

Spanish English Translations

Facts about english

English is part of the West Germanic language family and originates from several dialects. The ancient dialects are now known as Old English. English is the world's most spread language and in almost all contexts, English is considered Lingua Franca. Approximately 7500 words in the English originate from the French. Worth mentioning is also that Swedish has affected the development of the English language. During the 16th century, the British Empire grew to take English from a locally known language into a world language.

Facts about spanish

Spanish originates from Latin but has also been influenced by both Basque and Arabic. People with Spanish as their mother tounge refer to their language as español or castellano. Spanish is spoken all over the world, among other countries: Spain, Costa Rica, Colombia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Chile, Mexico, Argentina and Peru. The total number of native speakers reaches more than 390 million. There are some local differences in the Spanish language, but Traduko always assures that the translation is well adapted to the target country for optimal results.

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