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Subject Areas

Some of our subject areas

Kvalitet Technical Translations

Translations of technical texts such as manuals and instructions.

Kvalitet Geographical Information Systems

We have special competence within geoinformatics and geodesy.

Kvalitet Computers and IT

Among our translators there are a number of freelancers with programming backgrounds. An example of some of the programming languages used are Java, C# and C++.

Kvalitet Legal texts

Traduko handles contracts, credentials, grades and patents and much more.

Kvalitet Recycling and Environment

Texts involving subjects such as recycling, manufacturing processes and automotive industry.

Kvalitet Instructions and Manuals

Our translators will adapt your translation to your specific target country and language. A well-written translation can often make the difference!

Kvalitet Medicine

We have translators who master the terminology used within medicine.

Kvalitet Localization of websites

Localizing the company website or product range may create an infinite number of new business ventures.

Kvalitet Biology

Translation of texts related to biology.

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