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English to French Translations

English to French Translations

Facts about english

English is part of the West Germanic language family and originates from several dialects. The ancient dialects are now known as Old English. English is the world's most spread language and in almost all contexts, English is considered Lingua Franca. Approximately 7500 words in the English originate from the French. Worth mentioning is also that Swedish has affected the development of the English language. During the 16th century, the British Empire grew to take English from a locally known language into a world language.

Facts about french

French is one of the larger Latin languages and is considered as one of the world languages. Approximately 109 million people speak French as their mother tounge and more than 280 million speak French as first or second language. Just like the other Latin languages, French has its origins in the Latin language. Apart from France, French is also spoken in parts of Kongo, Libanon, Canada, Ivory Coast, Camerun, Senegal, Switzerland and Rwanda.

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